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New Patient Reviews



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  • I just absolutely love this place!

    - Briana G.
  • Great experience! I would recommend Dr. Chris Ellerass, D.C. to everyone.

    - Nancy P.
  • Thank you for making a connection. I appreciated your listening skills and ability to gain trust in a client so quickly. Great first appointment.

    - Crystal R.
  • I was first apprehensive with my first visit with Dr. Elleraas, but now I go to him for all my well being needs! Thanks to his expertise and miracle work!

    - Christane T.
  • I totally relate to Dr. Chris  metaphors and respond to his positive suggestions. He’s empathetic, kind, gentle, professional. I will visit him again. Thank you!

    - Helen B.
  • Such a friendly, helpful office! Dr. Chris listened and then explained everything to me. I was 90% improved after the first visit and now, after the 2nd visit, I am feeling no pain at all. Thank you!

    - Peggy M.
  • Dr. Elleraas is an outstanding professional in all respects.

    - Oleandreas R.
  • Great experience. Chris was extremely helpful, answered all my questions and made sure I understood the next steps to my recovery.

    - Nathan B.
  • Dr. Chris Elleraas is the bomb! If it wasn’t for him, my quality of life would be closer to that of a slug!

    - Matt M.
  • First time I was adjusted without pain. Thank you!

    - Barbara B.
  • I’m very happy. Thank you!

    - Debra F.
  • Thank you to Kimberly and Katie for your friendly, efficient, and professional help with my initial appointment and paperwork. To Dr. Chris, I am looking forward to working with you on my new life and health goals. Thank you all.

    - Roberta B.
  • It was a wonderful experience! I feel much better already!

    - Spencer K.

Immediate Relief

I am so happy that I found Dr. Elleraas! I had immediate relief after the first appointment and continued improvement after the second. I’m looking forward to building a lasting partnership with Dr Elleraas to keep me at peak performance. ~Dustin B.

Stopped in During Business Trip

I was in San Diego area for work (from Philadelphia) and was in a lot of pain…I drove past the practice and made an appointment…ended up going twice while out there. Dr took care of me and got me on the road to recovery. Thanks! . ~Matthew S.

Friendly, Efficient and Professional

Thanks to Kimberly and Katy for your friendly, efficient, and professional help with my initial appointment and paperwork. To Dr. Chris, I am looking forward to working with you on my new life and health goals. Thanks to you all. ~Roberta B.

Exceeded My Expectations

My overall experience with Dr. Elleraas exceeded my expectations. Dr. Elleraas was thoughtful, informative, and highly intuitive. I was pleasantly surprised to encounter a doctor who truly cares about the human being and not just the process of care. He truly gets it. ~Rosana W.

Very Professional

Dr. Chris is not only a very professional doctor but also an amazing practitioner of whole body and mental health. He is very informative and intuitive about not only the body but the affects of diet but also mind/body connections. He really “hears” his patients and has a great deal of insight and compassion. I have never been so impressed with any health professional as I am by Dr. Chris. I highly recommend Dr. Chris. ~Jacki G.

Was Heard

I was given the opportunity to be heard and understood. I was explained how to view my pain/discomfort and the next steps. I was given a plan and a solution to work through my physical irritation. ~Jessica C.

So Appreciative

So appreciative that the staff was able to schedule an appointment for me so quickly and that Dr. Elleraas was able to quickly assess the source of my pain and make the needed adjustments. Already feeling better. ~Kimberly W.

Felt Relief

Dr. Elleraas took all the time needed to explain what my condition needed and a plan of action. I received relief from my back and neck pain with the very first adjustment! ~Bret S.

Genuine Concern

Dr. Chris is a great listener and teacher. I really appreciated his genuine concern for my spinal and mental health and his time that he took to explain my issues to me. ~Justin F.


I’ve been a patient for couple years. Because I am confident in Dr. Chris’s capabilities and expertise, I have recommended his services to several others. ~Stephen S.


Chris is amazing! This was my first chiropractic experience and it completely transformed my view of mind and body. I did not realize the intimate relationship between my spine, its alignment, and every other aspect of my life. Chris was very friendly and explained everything. Thank you! ~Elaine D.


I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Elleraas for his professionalism, expertise and humbleness. Also many thanks to his helpful and efficient staff! ~Tiffany L.

We Are So Lucky

Received more relief and explanation/knowledge with Dr. Elleraas than with any other practitioner in any field. We are so lucky that you practice in Carmel Valley/San Diego! I would offer my highest recommendation and plan on referring all friends and family. ~Alexandra L.